About Custom Outdoor Furniture


    Material: 1. Iron material: Iron round tables and chairs are usually the more common Custom Outdoor Furniture materials, while the iron garden Custom Outdoor Furniture painted in creamy white color is mostly painted black. These two colors are versatile colors and have high environmental compatibility. At the same time, the shape and carving of the Iron Garden Custom Outdoor Furniture can be more delicate and beautiful. 2. Solid wood material: Solid wood Custom Outdoor Furniture is usually set in the pavilion, so as to prevent the solid wood table and chair from being affected by rain. Such solid wood and iron combination Custom Outdoor Furniture is still relatively used in covered places . 3. Cement material: Custom Outdoor Furniture made of cement is very common, especially some public seats in the park are made of cement pressing models, which have a seamless overall effect. Putting the above cement garden furniture in the garden does not have to worry too much about its damage. Compared with other materials, the cement material is obviously more resistant to erosion.
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