Why uncertainty it?

  • Nah, I mean. . It is pretty weird tho they come out Animal Crossing Items with a brand new villager named Audie as the movie of this lady showing off her island becomes viral? For 4-5 months I have been convinced of this truth though. Why uncertainty it? Wasn't Audie comparatively new before?

    Why uncertainty it? Not just one individual from the localization team has said a word on it.

    It'd be like me saying that Cranston is called after Bryan Cranston because Breaking Bad was at the peak of its popularity when New Leaf came out.

    I'm fine with the fan theory it just annoys me when folks go past that and claim it as fact, or move even farther beyond and begin stating things which are actually untrue, like how the person I reacted to promised Audie started with Audie.

    Since this is not the first video of her naturally. She had one where she played with New Leaf I think? Or something different, I do not recall. But before cheap Animal Crossing Bells they released New Horizon anyway.)