Okay, so I spent an hour or 2 today

  • Can you prove it? The ordinary money maker is around 1m an hr. It'll take an inexperienced gamers around that long to master BA and by OSRS gold then, he would have the cash for BCP. I never mentioned the def bonus things. If you notice in my other threads, I prefer str into def anyday of the week. And you can not market torso back, so there is negligible. There are actually just a few methods that make that much.

    Torso is a good choice for people not willing to spend a lot of cash for a few more stats. There were a lot of bots at AZs that I barely afford 50k/hr there. Many slayer tasks provide 80k+ xp per hr. I really don't know of a single slayer task that provides 80k xp/hr. Just click at the ideal moment at AZS, also you won't have a problem. It is not like people don't bot slayer as well.

    Okay, so I spent an hour or 2 today, to train my construction in lvl 1 to 40. . Cost me 400k-500k. . So im not looking too good monetary wise. . Thus im gonna attempt ge tting some cash by killing additives, and performing Barrows. Any strategy tips and advice on equipment, and inventory will help. Helm of neit is not feasible, like I haven't done fremmy trials. Haven't done RFD, therefore I cant get rune/drag gloves. Have not done fighter mad for d scim either. What do I take in my inventory? Pray pots? Rocktails? Monkfish? Something else? Strategies I can use?

    I'm 100k exp from 99 woodcutting and that I was just going to get a Saradomin sword. However, I guessed I might too earn a topic on here and see exactly what every ones views are, on whether or not I need to get the ss, or even a bgs means they're both in the same price range now. I have a dragon and whip defender right now, but I can't train strength together and buy RS gold I prefer 2h firearms anyways. And I struck pretty much exactly the same using a ss like I do using the whip .