This kinda destroyed all my motivation to perform

  • If we have to start all over from lv1 again, let us at PSO2 Meseta least hope that NGS will have a different enough character development system that it will not feel like a pointless reset. For now, it looks like we must grab as many valuable weapons and components as we can before it launches. At least they're giving us plenty of tools to do this with all the EXP tickets and frequent badge drops.

    This kinda destroyed all my motivation to perform .

    Its nothing. You are enjoying the game and most of your things transfers over, such as paid money AC and SG. The old sport will still be in existence for a while. So appreciate the $FREE.99 content. I just don't feel like playing until this comes out. Hell maybe not even then. I invested around 200$ because j was really enjoying the game and a lot time becoming all 75's so if I wish to play this I will lose most of it. So yeah. Well seeing as I've made a lot of money from scratches which I can not use and you can not move meseta, id say I have been ripped away.

    Well what can you expect them to release a 50 minutes read on what's gonna move lol? That is an overhaul not a brand new game it is clear they called it an UPDATE! This might be a silly question but is that coming to Xbox? I suppose so but I only watched ps4 and pc on the Japanese trailer. Basically, if you like said things, then keep them with you. Whether there are other items you would like, look at selling to buy meseta pso2 purchase other items. Even though you've got a thousand Meseta so may as well keep them.