A person is salty

  • I literally have fucking idea what you are referring to EVE Echoes ISK. And B) even though I did know, I highly doubt it would have had some effect on me grabbing a McDonalds breakfast, then going into the zoo with my buddy before finishing the day in a wonderful restraunt for a meal, since this is a game. I win games and shed them all the time, the distinction is that I will switch off once I am finished.

    A person is salty, and we adore it.Salty about what? This is just like the guy that does not get to play during a pick up match then believes scoring goals while everyone is eating their orange slices counts as"winning".Is this, or is this not a clip from when you men failed to destroy the VVV channel last Friday?This was the armor only, you have got it confused with the massive battle that happened later.

    You're possibly the worst liar. Here is the"struggle" following the construction timer, I will see a fellow HONK manhood in local who I KNOW wasnt at the armor timer, and was just at the structure timer AFTER you failed to ruin the station.This is that the armor timer - the SFI is fit with strikes. For your hull timer we ran with cannon SFI in brawl range... So yeah... Stop making up"fanciful" friends.Are you certain? You guys switched to EVE Mobile ISK Cheap strikes after you got stopped by a 15 omen gate camp and needed to refit.