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  • Low sec has witnessed some dramatic changes with Gneiss falling all of the way down from on the list to continue due to it's reprocessing output comprising large amounts of Mexallon and Isogen, which have fallen considerably in price over the last week. Hemorphite has dropped down two tiers after being taken in worth by peroxeres and spodumain. All these ores are within 40 ISK/m3 of EVE Echoes ISK each other that is great news for non sec retriever pilots due to not having the ability to target specific ores when utilizing strip mining. This means no matter what ore you're targeting there aren't any"bad" ores like there are in low sec with veldspar and plagioclase. Gneiss will regain it's value if mexallon goes up in price so if you have a significant amount of gneiss currently, it is ideal to hold onto it until Mexallon prices begin to climb again.

    For null sec Jaspet has become king in 323 ISK/m3 because of it's big reprocessing output of both zydrine and noxcium. Crokite has a large reprocessing output of noxcium and zydrine which has helped it jump up on the list as both of these minerals have stabilized in price around the 2000 ISK mark. Hedbergite also has kept most of it has value by having these two minerals in addition to pyerite in it's reprocessing output. So if you are in null sec doing your mining, concentrate on these three ores in the forthcoming weeks to make the most of your profits.

    This will surely change as we get closer to Buy EVE Mobile ISK unlocking these tiers from the coming months since these minerals will take upward in demand when they eventually become a requirement in most high tier blueprints.Now that we went over the ore tiers, lets take a look at the modifications to mineral prices which are affecting these changes to the ore value.