Same as previously

  • So basically Madden Mobile 21 is a giant"go screw yourselves community" how can you possibly think that this was going to make players happy? More to Mut 21 coins the point, why couldnt you tell folks months ago that MC would not not take over? Since it might cause them to lose a lot of in game purchases. Remember they are a scum business. Oh yeah I get why they waited til the last moment. It just really sucks. Nah when 2k eventually comes out using a mobile soccer game we are going to have the option to jump the boat should they continue to treat people like this.

    I hope so but I dont think 2ks game is going to be like madden. They have to generate a arcade style game, much more like nba jam or older school NFL blitz. EA has exclusive rights to"simulation"style football games so while I hope you're correct I think the games is to similar. Heres to hoping tho. It's all good. Overdrive is just about as arcade as it is possible to get so that it's not like EA completely cares about simulation football. I have the identical question. Leagues are the sole reason I am still playing. No need to get into the MM21 program if there are no leagues (or something equivalent) Why would not there be leagues? I know it's a new program, but it is not like they are creating a completely different game.

    Seems like there will be leagues (apparently replied on Discord). I was worried because when I first read through each of the questions, you will find 3 questions about leagues. All of these were unanswered. Virtually every other question had a response. I mean technically if it is a new program it's a brand new game. Can we get compensated in a new currency for any mc we still have at the close of the season. I've got a fantastic bit of mc currently and not much staying to cheap mut coins madden 21 invest it on. I will take that since it I don't see the work POWER anywhere. Honest question not whining, but what's the reason we need to link our EA account when there is likely to be nothing transport?