Is the pursuit really?

  • When studying the reprocessing values on the bottom line you can see that all these require significant investment in reprocessing skills to EVE Mobile ISK gain some value from reprocessing them into nutritional supplements. Hemorphite and Gneiss shouldn't be reprocessed at current prices because eve at ideal reprocessing abilities you would not be breaking even in worth.

    Null Sec ores have noticed a bit of a shake up, with Jaspet now the ideal ore to be mining for now with the cost changes to nutritional supplements we watched over the week. This is because of it using a large reprocessing output of zydrine and nocxium which are both still holding their value compared to the other minerals. Crokite and Hedbergite aren't far behind as they are both are still above 300 ISK/m3 due to their nocxium and zydrine reprocessing outputs as well, but provide less when compared to Jaspet.

    If you are mining for Bistot Arkonor or Mercoxit, I recommend holding onto them until their worth necessarily goes up once we get nearer to those high tiers since they're limited in usage, with megacyte only being used for faction cruisers and constructions for capsuleer outposts and morphite still using no applications until greater tiers.For reprocessing these ores only Jasept, Crokite, Bistot, and Arkonor should be reprocessed in their current prices. Hedbergite and mercoxit shouldn't be reprocessed as even with all basic, advanced, and expert reprocessing skills you wouldn't have the ability to break even at price.

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