That has a little fishing net

  • Mining Rune is definitely the best money-making strategy in F2P but that I high Mining level is required (85), Adamant/Mithril is fine too but slow so that your best option is going to be Coal or Iron, there is not much to say about Woodcutting because Yews are the sole trees worth cutting for money but sadly most (if not all) Yews trees are packed with OSRS gold robots, Fishing Lobsters is not really great money anymore but it's adequate and Swordfish are better but slow (and also you receive a lot of Tuna).

    Okay. I've got an income of about 300k per week. I would like to understand which could get me money at the lowest level. Like which one would start me obtaining money the fastest. I understand mining rune is your best but that's long term. Mining will get you a continuous flow of income from very early on. In fact, you might be making money from level one if you smith tin/copper into bronze bars. If you really despise repeatedly clicking rocks that never seem to change colors (such as me), fishing lobbies is obviously an alternative.

    That has a little fishing net, a fly fishing rod, and 3k (something like that?) Feathers, you could snatch up 40 fishing in a few hours. Fishing and mining are fairly close for low-level income, but I would go with fishing. The popularity of spiders on RS has exploded ever since FT+W, plus they'll be slipping your iron stones like there is no tomorrow. Then, when you're busy pulling out your hair and spam clicking a stone, they won't even be at the computer. At least your possible money can't be stolen when you're fishing. Do not mean to turn that into an essay, but I believed it was necessary to Buy RS gold point out the downfall of F2P mining. Hope I have helped you make a decision.