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  • Now that you have a nice group of MLB The Show 21 Stubs Topps Now players and Edwin, let us go conquer some Conquest. These maps have a ton of hidden rewards, and you also get XP and materials for completing them. Make sure to hit Square prior to going into the map to see all of the things you need to do, since sometimes they require you to defeat a team from the very first turn to complete it. Below I've recommendations for which players to choose to fill out your squad, presuming you get only one Rare Round out of a Ducks package and base round everywhere else. If you receive an Elite Round to get a Ducks pack, choose Chapman, put him as your closer and don't return.

    Require Dennis Eckersley as your Evolution Player and also do his App to get him. At Bronze 10, you'll Find an Evolution Choice Pack that provides you the choice between OF CarGo, 3B/LF Eddie Mathews, CP Dennis Eckersley and C Pudge Rodriguez. In the prior guide I recommended Eddie and CarGo too, but with Topps Currently players becoming better, I believe Eck is the clear choice here. Your bullpen is the weakest part of your group, also Eck is okay, not good, but will do. Together with the Run It Back Map handing out decent Relievers, I really don't know if I would do the Evo Programs at all anymore. Eck simply does not make the cut on this group.

    Buy some Relief Pitchers off the Marketplace. With the Stubs you've gotten from the Maps, go treat yourself to some relievers. If you want a different lefty, 82 LHP Will Smith is a decent choice for super cheap.

    I left these recos before there have been more Topps packs available in the Tatis Program, but I believe that they're still beneficial in fielding a fantastic team for cheap MLB 21 the show stubs the Conquest missions. An /* indicates this player makes the closing team.This map is repeatable, which is fine, so you can get rewards over and over. Your Pen probably requires the most work, so Davis or Smith is probably the move, if you get that choice.