Some are familiar

  • If I train up my battle, I'll have the ability to OSRS gold get better slayer masters, which speeds up my primary objective. It had been so hard to get up to 89 slayers without even being able to perform Smoking Kills until 90 battle. Being unable to use Kuradel or even the Iowerth slayer master will likely be similarly frustrating, although on the other hand it would be an intriguing achievement to receive 99 slayers without ever being in a position to utilize a master greater than Sumona. Soooooo... any hints?

    Leo and I will be both highly knowledgeable about warbands, but from very different angles. In my limited knowledge of politics, there are two major factions, WBG which concentrates on looting, and PKS that prioritizes pking. There are also several smaller independent groups like Shailay, Judgment, and Almost lost.

    When picking a warband team you should think about their equipment requirements, pking ability prerequisites, amount of active players by time, their approach when confronted with an attack (i.e. struggle or run), allied teams, and efficacy at warring. The FCs usually have discussion threads detailing this all, Leo would know better than me about this stuff.

    What type of warbands are you most interested in? The pvp or even the xp? This would be quite important to know before I proceed any further. I would suggest joining a team in WBG. If you think that you can devote time to get a permanent spot at a fc, apply on one of the ribbons on the official forums, or try the Warband Tracker site (google it). Unfortunately the free-for-all bands that was part of the Warband Tracker have been pinpointed, so it can be hard to find a temporary team. For help with this try asking friends to see if they could guarantee you in their own fc.

    Finally, the final option is to Buy RS gold go solo. With the recent warband mechanics update, I have found that soloing can be a fairly effective strategy for me personally, as I currently don't have a lot of spare time to dedicate to a full time fc. When soloing you can easily get at least 25 loot a wave, but getting 75 in a single wave will be exceedingly tough.