If you have already got Rocket League on Steam

  • If you have already got Rocket League on Steam and have linked it for Rocket League Items  your Epic Account, you can nevertheless get the $10 Epic Store coupon via grabbing the Epic Store model. Once you have got the coupon, it's going to expire if you don't use it earlier than November 1 at 2:59 am Eastern.

    It can best be used on purchases of at least $14.99, so you'll ought to spend $five to get the $10 off—conventional coupon chicanery—however it is no longer as though there is not some thing really worth $five at the Epic Store.

    Those are minor limitations, though, and the functionality have to be a boon to https://www.lolga.com players who pass among console and PC, because they won't ought to combat for two or more aggressive ranks, and may work on one Rocket Pass development. (It's additionally part of Epic's grand strategy. Epic boss Tim Sweeney has been a vocal proponent of move-platform capability for years, and Epic currently made the cross-platform infrastructure it built for Fortnite free for different builders.)