Psyonix is likewise limiting player-to-participant buying

  • Psyonix is likewise limiting player-to-participant buying and selling with the aid of platform. Xbox players can handiest alternate bought items with other Xbox players, as an example. Epic says that is to Rocket League Items mitigate times of fraud.

    A few weeks ago, Psyonix discovered that Rocket League will quickly be going free-to-play throughout all platforms. That's a huge enough change in itself, but it was additionally announced that the game would be tailored to aid go-platform progression, meaning you may start gambling on one platform (like your Switch) and keep on in which you left off on some other (say, PC).

    Now, the developer has long past into  more element on how this can all paintings, including how you may want an Epic Games Account, what gadgets can be handy cross-platform, and how participant-to-player trading will feature. The first step might be to hyperlink your accounts on update day, as particular beneath.