We Have Various Types Of Fine Mist Sprayer Pumps

  •   Our fine mist sprayer pump has a more controlled spray pattern, which can better apply products. They fill water faster, so they can pump water faster with fewer strokes. They also have a small driving force, which means they are easier to drive on the customer's finger than any other fingertip fine mist sprayer pump. Compared with other fine mist spray pumps, this makes your customers (especially the elderly) more comfortable to use.

      Some of the many uses of these high-quality spray pumps are in hair care products, room fresheners, perfumes, sunscreen products, insect repellents, bathroom and body sprays, eyewear cleaners, breath and vitamin sprays, cleaning products, and Hundreds of other uses.

      One of our optional features allows consumers to spray uniform mist on the product and keep the bottle in any position. This feature is very suitable for products such as foot and body sprays, sunscreen spray products, feminine products, hair care products, and hard-to-reach products Area cleaning products, and other products.

      There is also a high-viscosity version. As the name suggests, this version can be used to spray higher viscosity products, such as gels, spray butter, certain oils, etc., and has a better effect than other fingertip sprayer pumps.

      Custom colors or custom collars, as well as various output and nozzle extensions, are available as custom orders.

      For real heavy work, our trigger sprayer pump should meet the requirements. Our standard trigger sprayer feels comfortable and durable, allowing you to adjust the spray pattern from mist spray to strong flow. Foaming options are also available.

      First, consider the packaging of medicines and cosmetics to meet all your distribution and packaging needs.