Types Of Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries

  •   Types of sealed deep cycle batteries

      AGM-Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) is a sealed battery using a woven glass fiber separator. The electrolyte in the battery is suspended within a short distance from the active plate. This provides excellent charging and discharging efficiency.

      GEL battery-This type is similar to AGM but is still considered a wet battery. A sealed Gel Battery is most suitable for high-deep cycle applications, such as off-grid life and solar power.

      Which deep cycle battery is right for me?

      Finally, deep-cycle batteries may be suitable for one person's needs, but not for another need. Ask yourself this questions-what purpose do I use these batteries for? What is my budget? Do I have time to maintain them regularly? Use the following suggestions to choose the battery that suits you.

      In the following cases, please choose a liquid-filled deep-cycle battery:

      Use in extreme temperatures is not a problem

      You have time to maintain the battery regularly

      You are looking for a cost-effective battery

      You have a well-ventilated area to store the battery

      You want longer battery performance

      You want to be able to troubleshoot the battery manually

      In the following cases, please choose a sealed deep-cycle battery:

      You prefer Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery

      You need batteries that can be placed in different directions

      Budget is not a problem

      You use the battery in extreme temperature, high or low temperature

      The battery you want to charge quickly

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