Why Sealed Agm Battery Is Better Than Other Batteries

  •   Regarding car batteries, one of the most common questions is whether Sealed Agm Battery is better than flooded batteries. Although a relatively small number of vehicles currently use lithium-based battery products, the vast majority of vehicles on the road today use full-liquid or AGM lead-acid car batteries. Some people may think that gel batteries are also commonly used in automotive applications, but they usually confuse Sealed Agm Battery with gel batteries, which are two completely different technologies. In fact, the next time you see a gel battery in a car or truck, it may be the first time...if you have seen it.

      Therefore, since we have determined that most consumers will choose between AGM batteries or submerged lead-acid batteries, let's take a look at why AGM batteries are better. After all, the price of AGM batteries is usually higher than that of fully charged similar products. However, AGM batteries have many design and performance advantages over charged similar batteries. First of all, the most important thing is that the electrolyte is absorbed by the glass fiber mat (hence the so-called absorbent glass mat). This fact makes Sealed Agm Battery more resistant to vibration than a fully charged battery, which only requires lead The plate is hung in the electrolyte inside the battery.

      The design of the Sealed Agm Battery also means that the chance of acid leaving the battery and damaging vehicle paint or sensitive electrical components has also been minimized. Although we cannot represent all AGM manufacturers, we can tell you that OPTIMA AGM batteries also use 99.9% pure lead, which helps our batteries have better performance in all temperature ranges and have a longer service life than fully charged ones. Similar products are longer. In fact, since many vehicles are now equipped with start/stop technology to help improve fuel economy, many automakers are now turning to AGM batteries to cope with the increasing start-up demand of these vehicles.

      Automakers are also looking for ways to make cars perform better and last longer. This causes many battery locations to move from under the hood of the vehicle to a location inside or in the trunk. These batteries can be difficult to use, so automakers often look for batteries that do not need to be replaced frequently, which has led to many AGM batteries eventually being used in these applications. AGM batteries are also very suitable for these applications because many of them have an external exhaust function. In rare cases, the Sealed Deep Cycle Battery will be overcharged for some reason, and it does need exhaust.

      Therefore, if a fully charged battery costs $100, then an AGM battery costs 2 to 3 times the cost, is it really better? Many AGM batteries will have two to three times the service life of a fully charged AGM battery, so from this perspective, this seems to make sense at least. In addition to the performance advantages, coupled with the safety advantages of AGM batteries, AGM batteries are more meaningful. When you consider what happened the last time your car battery stopped working and the inconvenience it caused, any opportunity to reduce any number of possible occurrences becomes more meaningful. Are you late for work? Did you miss the date? Do you need to call a tow truck, take a taxi or buy a jumper cable and find another car? How much time do you spend?

      It has been determined that AGM batteries generally have better performance than lead-acid batteries, provide more safety features, and have a longer service life. We will admit that in some cases, lead-acid batteries are a better choice. If you plan to sell your vehicle soon or do not own your vehicle, but need to replace the battery, a lead-acid battery will undoubtedly be a cheaper option. If buying an AGM battery doubles the value of your car, then you may also think that a fully charged battery makes more sense (unless you plan to keep the battery after you sell the car). If you cannot use the battery in your car for one year, let alone the warranty period, and find that you have been replacing the battery, it may not make sense to spend more money on the AGM battery.