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  • Remarkably and rather unusually for Buy classic wow gold the times, after listening to the testimonies of numerous witnesses, the coroner jury condemned the mining company with a verdict which stated that the seven miners who died in the fire were killed largely due to the fact that the water and air which was forced into the shaft drove the smoke and gases upon the workmen.

    La mission de sauvetage s'annonce toutefois complexe. ces baleines est une t difficile dans l'immensit du golfe du Saint Laurent, car elles sont encore capables de nager et auront chang de position depuis la derni fois qu'on les a vues. De plus, il n'y a pas de bou haute visibilit et les cordes ne sont pas clairement visibles sous la surface a expliqu P et Oc Canada. De plus, comme ces mammif peuvent passer de longues p sous l'eau, il est possible que les vols de surveillance ne parviennent pas les localiser.

    IT StatusNottingham on iTunes UNottingham on YouTubeNottingham Second Life islandRogo OSS e assessmentRSS FEED for this blogTeaching and Learning websiteU Now: Open Educational Resources: Open Source e LearningXPERT: Search for OERThis post has been edited to replace with the new date.Ways for students to offer one another peer support can vary widely from small face to face groups to use of social media such as Twitter. Our expanded series of Teaching Learning Seminars (for the Elearning Community and other academics and teaching support staff) continues in February with a session on the theme of students supporting each others learning.Dr Steve Cox (Mathematical Sciences) will talk about a scheme in his school where undergraduates in their second year and beyond assist first years in their transition to university. PASS [Peer Assisted Study Support] leaders hold fortnightly, timetabled sessions for typically a dozen students each. These cover areas ranging from mathematical topics through exam strategies and module choice to advice on where to seek general help and information. The scheme has already proved to be popular with and beneficial to both the first years and the PASS leaders. Dr Cox will explain how and why.At the other end of the undergraduate life cycle, the Vet School runs an evening revision club for fourth and final year undergraduates through Twitter. It helps students to develop their reasoning skills and revise important topics and also demonstrates a professional way of using social media. Students interact with the host and with each other. The vetfinals hashtag is used and student reps subsequently use Storify to record the session and store the result on WordPress, thereby creating further useful revision resources. Dr Liz Mossop will talk about how the sessions are run, why students use them and ask whether this learning is "peer assisted" or "tutor led".

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