In Addition To The Bending Beam Load Cell, There Are Other Load

  •   In addition to the bending beam load cell, there are various other load cell designs. For example, these include:

      Load cell loaded in tension/compression

      Tension load cells allow the weighing of suspended loads such as fuel tanks. Typical applications include gravity level measurement or metering applications with suspended process tanks. The compression load cell can measure the applied load, for example, truck scale, silo, ladle weighing, or batching scale.

      Shear beam load cell

      The shear beam load cell has excellent stability when subjected to lateral forces. When the load application point moves within a certain range, the shear strain will not change. Therefore, the electrical signal proportional to the applied load has nothing to do with the load application point. However, secondary effects will affect the measurement results.

      Special design, such as toroidal torque sensor

      The ring torsion load cell is very small, so it can be used in many different weighing applications. Its robust design ensures good installation and operating conditions even in harsh environments (corrosive media, interference, temperature changes). weighbridge load cell based on this principle

      Can withstand higher lateral loads.