The Ball Type Load Cell Can Measure Forces In Different Directi

  •   A ball-type load cell or load cell is a transducer that can measure forces in different directions and convert the results into electrical signals.

      Application field

      The automotive, robotics and aerospace industries are among the many common areas of load cells. They are used for testing and checking bonded or assembled parts, material handling and measurement of power meters or scales in production lines, and control of presses.

      Technical field

      The load cell of the load cell manufacturer changes according to the direction of the force to be measured: shearing or bending, S-beams or pancakes for stretching and compression. Some can measure along multiple axes. The torque sensor is static or rotating. Most consist of strain gauges on Wheatstone bridges. The single gauge is installed on the full bridge. If there is more than one specification, half-bridge and quarter bridge are used.

      The multi-instrument system is more accurate and helps with temperature compensation. Other systems combine piezoelectric transducers and amplifiers. For precision balances, the measurement range is expressed in micrograms (µg), and for truck weighing or Newtons, it is expressed in kilograms (kg) or tons. Ten Newtons (daN) is equal to one ton.

      how to choose

      The choice will depend on linearity, measuring range, and load type (depending on the number and direction of the measuring axis).