Variety Of Plastic Garden Sprayer

  •   Mode of transport

      You may have seen different models of garden sprayers on the Internet, but have not yet decided which type to buy. Well, it is important to consider how you want to carry the sprayer while you are working.


      As the name suggests, this type of plastic garden sprayer is the one you can always carry with you. They usually have a handle on the upper part and are small enough for navigation. If you need a simple garden spray and have a small garden, then this one is for you.


      If you have to work in a fairly large garden and need to work all day, refilling seems to be inconvenient. Well, the wheeled garden sprayer is here to help you.

      You don’t have to carry these large tanks on your back. Compared with other models, you can get the most pressure from them. Remember, if you need to work in a small area, it may cause inconvenience.


      If you think that the hand-held sprayer does not have enough capacity to hold the required liquid, then you can choose the backpack type. They are the best choice for people who need to spray continuously for about half an hour.

      The backpack sprayer balances the weight of your back and shoulders, not your arms, so you don’t need to worry about fatigue. They also come with a variety of nozzle types.


      It is important to consider the type of nozzle that comes with the new garden sprayer. Having more nozzles means you can make the most of the purchased product because it will allow you to complete more tasks. Again, spending money on unnecessary nozzle types is not efficient.

      The main difference that distinguishes one nozzle from another is the area it can cover at one time.

      Garden sprayers with different nozzles will usually provide you with three to four options, and in most cases, you will get a very narrow and straight nozzle. It is especially suitable for spraying herbicides on weeds.

      Another type of nozzle commonly used in most models is a nozzle with a wide coverage area. You can use it as a pesticide, especially if the lawn is large or even a farm.

      Then you put the nozzle type in between, and the width is not so narrow, so you can use it for general gardening tasks.


      The area you need to cover will tell you how much capacity the plastic garden sprayer needs. For example, if you only need to do some weed treatment here and there, then a handheld sprayer can do the job.

      For large lawns or lots, you may need to purchase a backpack type. However, if you need to work several times a week, it is best to use a wheeled sprayer to avoid straining your back.

      Moreover, each type or type of agricultural mist sprayer still has many capacity options. For example, some handheld models can handle a quarter of a gallon to several gallons of water.

      On the other hand, there are backpack sprayers that can hold less than one gallon at most, so there is overlap between the two. Finally, when you can find the required capacity for different models, the factors that determine comfort include comfort and ease of use.