Leisure tasks in OSRS: the restless ghost

  • If you don't have much time next, you can easily get rid of the hunt for OSRS gold and glory. Then there is no If you don't have much time next, you can easily get rid of the hunt for OSRS gold and glory. Then there is no doubt that this "restless ghost" mission is an adventure and will not take up too much time and energy. The ghost lives in the Lumbridge cemetery, and the pastor of Saladome Church also hopes that you will find a way to eliminate it.

    There aren't really any requirements because of this quest, aside from being able to kill or evade a skeleton at combat level 13. It is recommended that you just take some Lumbridge teleports and a Necklace of passage if you're an affiliate. So, you don't have to resort to finding someone that is RS3 Gold selling to gather very much OSRS items with this quest.

    To begin the Restless Ghost quest, head over to Lumbridge chapel and meet with Father Dereck. He will show you that there is a ghost that may be haunting the Lumbridge graveyard and wants you to assist get rid of it. You will be motivated to speak with Father Urhney, who is able to be found in a very house to your west of Lumbridge Swamp. You will find a residence nearby, so walk into and speak with Father Urhney. You are going to be given an amulet of Ghostspeak, used to talk to your ghost showcased.

    There isn't a great deal in terms of rewards for completing this Restless Ghost quest. You will however get a quest point and 1125 prayer experience. You will also receive the amulet of Ghostspeak to help keep, that is useful inside the likes of Creature of Fenkenstrain as well as other Old School Runescape quests.

    As you will see, there isn't enough time to be taken on doing this OSRS quest. You certainly hardly Buy RS3 Gold to acquire any required items, and it also shouldn't sidetrack that you much.

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