Portable Folding Gazebo Is Comfortable And Cozy

  • Leisure Furniture rattan weaving has always been a well-known traditional craft in China. A large number of handicrafts are sold overseas. China’s rattan weaving is known for its complexity and exquisiteness. It is mainly used in furniture, lamps and handicrafts. However, Chinese rattan weaving is rarely used in gardens. High-efficiency materials are slowly becoming rare. This traditional craft has gradually lost the market. In this issue, let’s take a look at the use of rattan weaving in gardens. Although it is not refined enough, the creativity is still good.

    The application of rattan in gardens is relatively fixed. The common forms are fences, courtyard walls, sculptures and pavilions. Foreigners do not have a deep understanding of the weaving process. Generally, they use the simplest way of back and forth overlap, which requires some strength. High material assistance, such as branches.

      The color-treated weaving retaining wall can make the courtyard unique. Of course, there are many weaving materials. The branches of vine plants are mainly used in Chinese craftsmanship. Wicker is more popular in European and American countries.

       In addition to retaining walls, the weaving of fences and tree ponds can also try to make the landscape more rustic and primitive.




      Of course, retaining walls and fences are relatively simple weaving ideas, and some small buildings can also be completed with rattan.




      Portable Folding Gazebo is mainly some pavilions or sculptures, properly used, can become a good resting space in the courtyard.

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