I have repeatedly answered for pretty much exactly

  • I have repeatedly answered for pretty much exactly the exact same question... this is the last time I'll do so. I get xp for performing f25 over and OSRS gold over even if I really do f12? I got 4k for prestige, then 1.7k. Why is it different? As I said, XP for your stature number floor + XP for your floor you actually did, divided by two. Also, would you get bonus xp for becoming sharp shot or combat mage? No. Also, when I really do f12 over and over and I am getting f6 ticked off, and then f7, is the foundation xp for f7 or f12? The one I'm doing or the one that is ticked off?

    XP to your prestige variety flooring + XP to your floor you really did, divided by two. In the case of assessing off something lower than what you actually did, it counts the lower floor as the floor that you do. F12 is abd and will not check off frozen floors. What's your prestige amount? The maximum floor? The numbers of floors done before your very last reset. Exactly the same as membs before 71 dungeoneering or even 90cb.

    Last thing is if my progress is 20/25... then when I do f20 or below, I don't get prestige? It only checks off floors of the identical theme. I really don't get prestige . I really don't get any prestige for f25 even though my progress is only 19. While I do a floor, even though I didn't do the ones prior to it, my progress goes up. I just noticed that the ones before it do not go up. Only the floors you did. So I have to do like f7,8,9,10, also 15,16,17. :-LRB- It is not how you said it's. It only checks off flooring of the same theme.

    Don't dice. It is a very illegitimate method to generate money, and based on Jagex it's against federal law too. The honored dice clans charge upwards of 2B to buy RS gold get a position, from what I've heard. If it was contrary to federal law then I am pretty sure it would be removed. Duel dicing or 55 x 2. Which has better odds? I am presuming Duel dicing is whoever rolls highest wins. I am not sure on the probability of that, but 55x2 is pretty clear what the chances are.

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