Although this quest is a requirement for 30 Firemaking

  • FISHING On F2P (FREE to play) If you do not have RuneScape membership you can level your fishing skill at these locations. Shrimps, and Anchovies in Lumbridge using a fishing rod with a small net. Trout also Salmon with Fly Fishing Rod and feathers. The recommended location to OSRS Gold go is Barbarian Village. At level 40, you can begin to catch Lobsters with Lobster Pot located at Musa Point (Karamja). Tuna or Swordfish with Harpoon from Musa Point port. This is the most f2p-friendly spot to learn fishing.

    Although this quest is a requirement for 30 Firemaking , it's easier to learn this skill than level fishing starting from zero. If you successfully complete this Sea Slug quest it will bring you from 1 to 24 Fishing in only some minutes (or approximately an hour if you start at the first Level of Firemaking). This is one of the fastest methods in the beginning.

    Once you've completed your Sea Slug you can go fly fishing in Barbarian Village or Lumbridge. This technique requires a Fly Fishing Rod and feathers. Alternately, with this method, you can catch normal fish in Lumbridge near the castle. As before, you're going to be dropping the fish that you have caught.

    On these levels you should to catch your first member only fish. It is recommended to travel to Otto's Grotto in order to catch Leaping fish (eg. Leaping Sturgeon, Leapin Salmon, Leaping Trout). The easiest way to access these is by using a necklace game, and teleporting into Barbarian Assault minigame and running south-west from there. This is the fastest and effective way to increase your fishing experience in the shortest amount of time.

    This is the ideal location for general use as it gives you the highest quality experience per hour your fishing points. ratio To start Barbarian training, you must communicate with Otto and use the search feature under his bed . There you can find necessary tools such as a heavy Fishing Rod also called Barbarian Rod. Additionally, you will need to get some feathers as well as fishing bait since RS3 Gold one of these is required. Along with leveling fishing, you will also earn some Agility and Strength xp. Be aware that this is where you remove the fish from your inventory. There isn't a place for banking nearby.

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