Old School RuneScape: A Guide to Creating a Clan Hub

  • Old School RuneScape: A Guide to Creating a Clan Hub

    Each Clan has a story of its formation, and it's a major event in the clan's history, but you'll need to find at least five players gathered at the center. You can only create one clan per day, so plan your clan carefully.

    To register a clan, you first need to talk to the friendly NPC clerk at the center. Some may already have a group of friends they want to start a tribe with, while others want to form a group on the spot. Whichever way you need it, you'll earn rewards including old school runescape buy gold for completing missions.

    We offer two ways to invite: you can right-click players in the area to invite them or apply to join their clan, or you can use the invite button on the clan creation side panel. Note that this panel is only available in the Hub, and only for those who haven't joined a clan yet.

    Once you start building your team, your clan side panel becomes the creation side panel! Here you will find the following buttons:

    Invite: Press it, then click on a player to recruit them.
    Clan Name: This doesn't keep the name - it just checks if it's already taken.

    Confirm: This button checks if you have the required number of people, if you haven't selected a name it will ask you for a unique name you want to use for your clan. Choose wisely, as there is a limit to how often you can change it later. When everything is ready, a clan will be formed with the original founder as the owner. Membership levels are set automatically, but you can change these levels at your leisure.

    Cancel: Ends the clan creation process if you are the original creator. Founding members can also access the button, but this will only take them out of the clan themselves. Cancellation does not count towards your daily limit for forming a clan - you can break as many clan formations as you want. Once the clan is confirmed, you will not be able to form more people on the day.

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