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New missions coming to Hitmn 3 this month

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    ١٠ مارس، ٢٠٢١ ٥:٤٨:٤٦ م PST

    Hitman 3 was the first major release of 2021, arriving in February to deliver the excellent outcome of the iconic Agent 47 trilogy. However, the character's journey has not yet really come to an end.

    After a month of February full of news, developer IO Interactive previewed the content that will arrive on Hitman 3 in March 2021 with its roadmap. This will come to all platforms for free, and will include new weapons, objectives, and escalation contracts. In addition, you will have contracts created by the Eurogamer and Easy Allies websites.

    As with February, we have two sets of Featured Contracts being added to the game. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed the last sets we got. They were intelligent and genuinely challenging. Getting a Silent Assassin rank in them was almost impossible. That’s the kind of content I love in Hitman 3, and sometimes I feel like the stuff from the developers is actually too easy.

    New missions coming to Hitmn 3 this month
    Make a plan for this new Agent 47 mission! In a video that IO Interactive has recently published on the official YouTube account, it has been noted that we will soon have access to all the content of the roadmap that will be available between March 30 and April 12.

    In it, we are given the opportunity to participate in the Berlin Egg Hunt, an event in which we must venture to find and collect several of the eggs that are distributed among the different maps available. Not forgetting to mention that owners of the Deluxe Edition will have the privilege of receiving the final Deluxe Escalation outfit and the Taunton Dart Gun among other additional rewards.

    Deluxe Edition Exclusive
    Inspired by Hitman's past and the consequences of the events of the title Codename 47, a game that was launched in 2000, the mission "The Satu Mare Delirium" will arrive on March 30 for the owners of Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition.

    Finally, we’re getting a seasonal event for the game. This is something that I haven’t seen before, so I’m excited to see what it feels like when you’re playing. The mission itself will make us pick up new items in a revamped Berlin location and use them on specific targets. I can see this being quite confusing, but I also think it’ll be a lot of fun. Io Interactive needs to mix up the formula more in Hitman 3, and this should be enough to do just that.

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