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  • ١

    Cosmetic Lotion Pump Suppliers

    To a certain extent, packaging design is to better promote the product to the market, just like everyone must dress carefully when they go out. When the product goes to the market, it also needs to go through effective and careful packaging design. For...  المزيد
    بقيادة kerry wang

  • ٣

    Hose Fittings Factory

    Hose Fittings Factory introduces the selection requirements for metal hose fittings:

    1. Liquid pressure: The pressure of the fluid is also the link for selecting the quick...  المزيد
    بقيادة cnshunda yuyao

  • ٥

    Lavatory Cabinet Factory

    At present, many faucets on the market have added a lot of user-friendly designs, such as a pull-out faucet, which has two ways of columnar water output and jet water. It can be easily converted by pressing a button on the top of the showerhead....  المزيد
    بقيادة ningbo afa

  • ٨

    Wooden Toys Wholesalers

    Wooden Toys Wholesalers introduce toy materials:

    1. Pine: Lighter, whiter, with larger wood grains, it is easier to crack than other...  المزيد
    بقيادة wooden taizhou

  • ٥

    Benefits of Gel Wine Bottle Cooler

    Product introduction and application of gel wine bottle cooler(
    Scope of Application:
    1. It can be directly wrapped outside the beverage container to make beer, red wine and other alcohol more...  المزيد
    بقيادة Gel King

  • ١٩

    Mining Ball Valves Wholesaler

    Mining Ball Valves Wholesalers introduces the classification of hydraulic control valves:

    1. The directional control valve, as the name implies, is to change the direction of the oil circuit to achieve the work...  المزيد
    بقيادة hongge yeya

  • ٢٢

    China Corrugated Plastic Sign Factory

    China Corrugated Plastic Sign Factory introduces the maintenance method of PP hollow board turnover box:

    1. Send the PP hollow board turnover box to be cleaned into the container cleaning room, then dip the rag into the cleaning liquid to clean the door...  المزيد
    بقيادة yfcorru gatedhz

  • ١٦

    China Color Coated Aluminum Coil Factory

    When the stainless steel clad plate cylinder is made, the requirements for the control of the misalignment are much stricter than those of ordinary carbon steel or low-alloy steel. Controlling the misalignment of the stainless steel clad plate not...  المزيد
    بقيادة Jialu bang

  • ٣١

    China Low Voltage Light Suppliers

    Science and technology have never stopped their pursuit of light. The China Low Voltage Light Suppliers need lighting not only indoors to meet the needs of daily life, but also outdoors. Whenever night falls, in order to prolong outdoor activities,...  المزيد
    بقيادة Jia longye

  • ٣٥

    China Pe Gasket Factory

    PE is also called polyethylene. Because of its high strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, wear resistance, etc., as well as no rust and corrosion, it is a pipe that replaces ordinary water supply pipes. Below,China Pe...  المزيد
    بقيادة yuyao jinghaiboo