Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers Power Distribution Design

  • The light distribution morphological characteristics of led street lights


    In order to meet the requirements of road brightness, illuminance and uniformity, so that most of the light is distributed on the road, improve the utilization rate of light and reduce unnecessary waste, it is usually necessary to distribute the light of LED street lights. China 200W Led Flood Light Factory is a solid-state cold light source, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, pollution-free, low power consumption, high light efficiency, and long life. Therefore, LED street lights will become the choice for energy-saving road lighting.


    Road lighting standard light distribution requirements

    According to the requirements of "Urban Road Lighting Design Standard", roads in road lighting are divided into highways and arterial roads, secondary roads and branch roads. The standard value of led road lighting requirements should meet the requirements of Table 1.

    Table 1 The current research on LED street lights mainly focuses on the application of secondary roads and branch roads, and the small luminous flux is the main reason why LED street lights cannot be used on main roads. The application of the main road also requires the research and development of LED technology...


    Table 1 Standard values ​​of road lighting

    led street light distribution curve

    The spatial distribution of light intensity is often called the light distribution curve. At the bottom of the street light, the light intensity should be small, and as the elevation angle θ increases, the light intensity i increases. The functional relation is:


    Due to the complexity of the optical design, it is difficult for the light distribution shape to completely conform to the functional relationship, and the projection range of the θ angle can be reduced, and the interval of the lamps can be reduced to obtain uniform illumination. Generally, it is desirable to achieve a wide-angle "batwing" shape after light distribution.


    LED street lamp light distribution scheme and analysis

    The light distribution scheme of led street lights is formulated according to the requirements of road lighting, and lighting control and environmental factors should be considered. For road lighting, light effect and light distribution curve are two important parameters. At present, the LED street lamp distribution scheme mainly has the following basic forms.

    Light matching with led street light

    In the manufacturing process of Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers, the lens process can improve light efficiency, reduce light output loss, and change light output characteristics. The LED packaging lens technology has a certain relationship with high-power LED street lamp lighting. With a good package lens design, LED can achieve better light output characteristics.