Correct Installation Of Rice Planting Machine

  •   Rice Planting Machine is a planting machine suitable for my country's agricultural production and the needs of farmers, which has introduced foreign technology in recent years, digested, absorbed, transformed and upgraded. Its use greatly improves the labor productivity of agricultural planting, especially seedlings, reduces labor intensity, and improves the overall level of agricultural mechanization.

       Today, the transplanting machine manufacturer will show you the correct installation method of this machine:

       Link the lower suspension of the transplanter to the lower suspension of the tractor, and the upper suspension to the upper suspension rod of the tractor. After the connection is completed, put on the pin and lock it. Adjust the middle adjustment rod of the suspension frame to make the transplanting machine level at the front and rear, and adjust the left and right adjustment rods of the hydraulic suspension to make the frame horizontal.

      (1) Connect the planter assembly and the traction frame assembly with U-bolts and M14*35.

      (2) The depth adjuster, the upper lead screw and the handle of the overburden adjuster rotate counterclockwise to adjust to the end.

       (3) Drag the transplanter so that the traction frame hanger and the tractor hanger are in contact with the ground.

      (4) Adjust the seedling depth adjuster screw and soil cover adjuster screw according to the height of the ridge and the depth of the ditch, and adjust the seedling depth to the required seedling depth in combination with the seedling depth scale.

      (5) Connect the two driving wheel brackets, U-bolts, and the traction frame assembly according to the required value of the row spacing.

      (6) Insert the rotating shaft into the transmission bracket, install the sprocket ZB and the hand drive shaft, install the sprocket ZA, on the ground wheel shaft, and install the chain and chain box cover.

      (7) Fasten the seedling tray, seat, and bolts to the positions shown in the figure.

       (8) Miao IV. Structural principle and scope of application

    Manual Seeder has the advantages of maintaining performance, exerting and long service life, relying on work, etc., so it is sent to the favorite of farmers. Today I will introduce you to the transplanting machine installation method. I believe everyone knows a lot. I hope to be able to Help everyone.