Introduction To Vegetable Planter Skills

  • The Vegetable Planter with differential is also called the universal management machine. It is an agricultural machinery product specially designed for orchards, vegetable plots, greenhouses, hilly slopes and small plots of land (water, dry land). There are more than 20 kinds of supporting equipment for this machine, which can be used for nearly 40 farmland operations.

    1. Perform a comprehensive inspection before starting the machine to ensure that all parts are complete and reliable, screws are fastened, well lubricated, and no abnormal noise.
    2. Adjust the guide wheel to the highest point before walking on the road to make the coulter leave the ground.
    3. Move the clutch handle of the rotary tiller to the "off" position, and move the main clutch handle to the "off" position.
    4. Start according to the prescribed procedure.
    5. Drive according to the instructions of the farming management machine.
    6. Set springboards for crossing ridges, ditches, canals, etc. as required.
    7. When Manual Seeder is working in the field, it is recommended to use reverse gear for soil plowing and one gear for cultivating.