Planting Machine Purchase Standard

    1. Look at the assembly and appearance of the whole machine. Firstly, check whether the parts of the whole machine are wrong or missing, whether they are fastened and reliable, whether the moving parts are flexible and reliable, and whether there are abnormal noises; secondly, check whether the appearance of the whole machine is uniform in color, clean, and no bumps, etc.; then look at the engine. There is no oil leakage or air leakage, whether there is oil leakage on the entire motor and static joints;
      2. Look at the matching engine. Some Vegetable Seed Planter Machine currently on the market are not standardized on the nameplate parameter calibration, which misleads consumers. How to recognize this situation? The user should look at the technical parameter column of the matching engine nameplate, and then check the technical parameter column of the matching manual of this machine to see if it is consistent with the parameters of the complete machine nameplate. You can ask the dealer.
      3. Look at the gearbox. The transmission mode of the tiller is divided into chain transmission and gear transmission. When the micro-tiller is in operation, the operating conditions are quite bad, the load is heavy, and the transmission mechanism is susceptible to more frequent impacts. If the chain-driven micro-tiller is selected, the chain and sprocket are more likely to be damaged, so the user should Gear transmission is preferred.
      4. Look at the manual. Users can see from the following aspects:
      (1) Whether it is a simplified Chinese character;
      (2). Whether there are comprehensive and correct safety precautions, the safety warning signs should be reproduced in the manual;
      (3). Whether there are text instructions to guide the user to correctly install the supporting equipment;
      (4). Are there any easy-to-understand operating instructions that guide users to use the equipment correctly and instructions for correct maintenance;
      (5). Common faults should be listed and guiding methods for troubleshooting corresponding faults should be given.
      (6). The list of vulnerable parts and the list of accessories;

    (7). The text printing in the manual of Planting Machine should be clear;
    (8). There should be detailed production company name, address, zip code, telephone number and after-sales service, consultation telephone and detailed communication address and zip code.