Corn Sheller Suppliers Improves Efficiency


       After the appearance and use of the old generation of transplanting machines, users in some areas put forward new requirements. In order to further reduce planting costs and improve its efficiency, the company launched a China Planting Machine.

      1. Single-row seedling compound transplanter

       This machine inherits the excellent planting quality of the previous generation products, and integrates the functions of rotary tillage, ridge formation and plowing. It not only reduces the number of tractor landings on the ground, reduces the damage and compaction of the tractor to the ground, but also reduces the cost of the entire planting process.

      Take the double row machine as an example, sowing 20 mu of seeds 10 hours a day, the efficiency is 5-10 times that of manual transplanting. At the same time, the plant spacing is stable, the ridge spacing is stable, the flat planting effect is stable, and the ridge shape is relatively full, which is conducive to the expansion of F in the later stage of seedling production, so that the expansion of labor can increase the output.

       This model caused a buying craze at the time, solved the problems of many growers, and also solved the problem of the mismatch between the generation of rotary tillage and ridges.

      2. Seedling compound transplanter

       Following the second-generation vegetable transplanter, growers have encountered new problems. At present, the planting areas in northern my country, which is in spring, need to be covered at the same time as mulching, drip irrigation and fertilizing. For this machine, the seedling transplantation process is completed in one step

       and can be well coordinated to further reduce people's planting costs.

       In response to this demand, the company officially launched a vegetable transplanter that integrates the eight functions of rotary tillage, ridging, transplanting, watering, drip irrigation, film spreading, film breaking, and ridging. The original eight processes are reduced to one process, which greatly reduces the cost of ordinary people. At the same time, it can realize flat cutting and oblique cutting, and the plant spacing can be as small as 15cm. Meet the planting and agronomic requirements of Puqu in my country.

    The use of    Corn Sheller Suppliers improves the planting efficiency of farmers and reduces labor investment. This is a relatively good agricultural product.