The characteristics and classification of nylon fabrics?


    Nylon, polyamide commonly known as nylon (Nylon), English name Polyamide (PA), dyeability is better in synthetic fibers, light wearing, good waterproof and windproof performance, high abrasion resistance, strength and elasticity are very good. Not fast to sunlight and easy to age.

    Nylon fabric washing method:

    1. Use general synthetic detergent, and the water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees

    2. Can be twisted lightly, avoid exposure and drying

    3. Low temperature steam ironing

    4. Ventilate and dry after washing

    Maintenance of nylon fabric:

    1. The ironing temperature cannot exceed 110 degrees

    2. Be sure to use steam when ironing, not dry ironing

    Nylon fabric short fiber:

    Blended with wool, acrylic fiber, viscose fiber, etc. to make various clothing products

    Nylon fabric filament:

    (1) Imitation silk can be used for clothing, quilt and home decoration

    (2) Various civil parasols and military parachutes, etc.

    (3) Industrial applications include various tire cords such as airplanes and automobiles, fishing nets, ropes, and conveyor belts, etc.

    Nylon fabric stretch yarn:

    (1) Socks

    (2) Tights

    There are many varieties of nylon fabrics, and Taslon is suitable for windbreakers.

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