Bright down jacket fabrics are also facing diversification


    In the face of diversification, down jacket fabrics have also begun to develop in the direction of diversified technological functions. Bright down jacket fabrics, various brightness levels and illusion patterns have become the secret weapon of fashionistas.

    Bright down jacket fabric is a process of processing bright and illusion colors on the basis of fabrics to make the clothing shiny and produce illusion effects. This kind of special effect clothes are mainly used in the design of down jackets, sun protection clothing, sportswear and other clothing.

    The bright down jacket fabric is processed with light and thin nylon material, which keeps the garment light, waterproof and breathable, and blurs the boundary between daily style and sportswear.

    The gorgeous appearance dominates the outer layer design, which is used in the spring and summer sunscreen sportswear. The waterproof and sunscreen enhance the practicability of the fabric and enhance the protective function for travel.

    It is more lightweight when used in down and cotton clothes in autumn and winter. The light and thin appearance makes storage more convenient, and it also has breathability and warmth.

    We use high-quality velvet-resistant fabrics combined with a special process of light, so that the clothing can achieve ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-warm, and the perfect combination of style and performance, so that the wearer can feel warm and comfortable even in severe cold. Consult customer service to learn more about the new bright down jacket fabrics, which can be customized according to needs and samples.