You Should Know Physics Behind a Digital Luggage Scale


    In a nutshell, digital luggage scale works by the principle of Wheatstone bridge. Inside the load cell is a set of strain gauges arranged like the resistors in a Wheatstone bridge. When a load is placed on these strain gauges, they compress. The level of compression corresponds to the amount of force exerted on the strain gauge. Compression also changes the resistance of the gauge just like in a Wheatstone bridge. In this case, there will be a voltage output corresponding to the change from the stressed gauges.

    The output from the strain gauges is first converted from analog to digital format before it is fed into a microprocessor for further processing. The Microprocessor Control Unit is simply a microchip within the digital scale electrical circuit. This unit analyzes the data and converts it into numbers as viewed in the weigh scale display. One is required to alter the settings of their device to get results in the desired unit of measurement.

    It is crucial to calibrate your equipment properly before use. Understanding the different components used in your equipment enhances your chances of attaining accurate calibration. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting wrong measurements if you miss any detail during calibration.

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