Replacement Of Dth Bit During Work

  •   Compared with percussion drilling, percussion drilling continuously drops heavy objects in the wellbore to chop up the rock. Rotary drilling uses a rotary drill bit to grind, cut, scrape and crush the rock at the bottom of the well. Rotary drilling is the most popular oil and gas drilling. Options include DTH Hammer, drill collars, drilling fluids, rotating equipment, lifting equipment and prime movers.
        The prime mover is the power source for drilling, while the lifting equipment handles lifting the drill rod, inserting the drill rod into the well or lifting it out of the well, and the rotating equipment is the driving force for the operation of the entire system. In the early 20th century, livestock and wooden wheel rotary drilling equipment was used. Now the rotary equipment is moved through a rotary table, which is connected to the drill collar to apply pressure and weight on the drill bit to drill through rocks and sediments. The drilling fluid helps to provide buoyancy to the drill string and to lubricate the drilling process to remove drill cuttings from the wellbore.
        There are many different types of bits, such as steel tooth bits with tungsten carbide blades. The use of synthetic diamonds connected to cemented carbide blades is 40 to 50 times stronger than steel drills. Industrial diamonds are implanted to drill extremely hard surfaces. The mixture of these types of drill bits can solve drilling challenges.
        Various drilling designs are also used for different results, including core drill bits, which collect formation cores for logging, and abrasive blocks to help remove drill cuttings from the well. Different configurations work better on different structures. Different drill bits can be inserted into a well. The drill bit changes due to wear. Drilling engineers choose the drill bit according to the type of formation encountered. When the drill bit must be replaced, the drill rod is lifted from the well until the complete drill string is removed from the well. Once the DTH Bit is replaced, the entire drill string is lowered into the well again.