What Are The Advantages Of Dth Bit

    1. The die-satin hammer is replaced by a free forging hammer, which solves the difficulty of incomplete equipment.

      2. The anvil used is conducive to forming, and the DTH Bit will not be processed after forging, so the goal of no cutting is achieved.

      3. Use ∅200 bar material to form directly without destroying the original structure of the metal, and improve the strength of the fiber head.
      4. The heated material should be removed for forging as soon as possible to prevent decarburization of T8 steel.
      5. The forged and straightened drill bits can be placed on a dry ground without ventilation, and can be stacked and cooled freely, instead of annealing after forging.
      6. The blade of DTH Hammer is upset on a dedicated upsetting machine.