Standard Use Of Reaming Bit

  •  With the prosperous development of modern society and economy, the application of support for Reaming Bit has become more and more extensive. However, many people did not follow the standard operation during the use process, which led to some problems. Let's come here. Know the precautions!
        1. When opening the eye, turn it slowly, and then gradually turn to full operation after the depth of the hole reaches 10-15mm. During the rock drilling process, the drill rod must be designed to move straight forward and be located in the center of the hole.
        2. The shaft thrust should be tested reasonably when drilling rock. If the shaft thrust is too small, the machine will bounce back, the vibration will increase, and the drilling efficiency will be reduced; if the shaft thrust is too large, the drill will tighten the fundus of the eye, which will cause the machine to run under overload, which will wear parts prematurely and slow down the drilling speed .
        3. When the bracket supports the pneumatic hand-held drilling rig, the thrust of the shaft should be reduced to gradually become normal. If it is invalid, shut down immediately. First use a wrench to slowly rotate the drill rod, and then turn on the medium air pressure to slowly rotate the drill rod. It is forbidden to use the method of striking the drill rod.
        4. Frequently observe the discharge of powder. When the powder discharge is normal, the mud will flow out slowly along the orifice; otherwise, blow the hole forcefully. If it is still invalid, you should check the water hole and the status of the drill tail, and then check the condition of the water needle, and replace the damaged parts.
        5. Pay attention to the oil storage and oil output, and adjust the oil volume. When working without oil, it is easy to cause premature wear of parts. When the lubricating oil is too much, it will cause the working surface pollution.
        6. Pay attention to the sound of the machine during operation, observe its operation, find problems, and deal with them in time.
        7. Pay attention to the working status of the drill, and replace it in time if it is abnormal.
        8. Pay attention to the air supply amount of the air leg when operating the upward frame support pneumatic hand-held drilling rig to prevent the frame supporting the pneumatic hand-held drilling rig from swinging up and down causing accidents. The support point of the air leg should be reliable. Do not hold the machine too tightly or ride on the air leg to prevent injury or damage to the machine.
        9. Pay attention to the rock conditions, avoid perforating along the bedding, joints and cracks, do not punch the broken eyes, and observe at any time for the danger of roof falling and chipping.
        10. DTH Bit should use the hole-opening function effectively. In the process of drilling, an important part is opening. The opening is completed with reduced impact pressure and fixed propulsion pressure. The propulsion pressure should be as small as possible, so as to make holes on the rock surface with a very large slope, and at the same time avoid the bending of the drill pipe.