Introduction To The Composition Of Top Hammer Drilling Tools

  •       Top Hammer Drilling Tools is mainly composed of four major assemblies: bypass valve, hydraulic motor, cardan shaft and drive shaft. Screw motor is the main part of drilling tool. Many practical and theoretical analysis results show that if you want to make the motor normally and effectively When working, the pressure drop that each motor can withstand should not exceed 0.8Mpa, otherwise the motor will have leakage. The speed drops quickly, and in severe cases, it stops rotating completely and the motor is damaged. (One lead of the motor is one level) The mud flow rate used on site should be within the recommended use range, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the motor and even increase the wear. The performance parameters of the screw motor are the main performance parameters of the screw drilling tool. The theoretical output torque of the motor is proportional to the pressure drop of the motor, and the output revolutions are proportional to the input mud flow. As the load increases, the drilling tool revolutions decrease. So as long as you control the readings of the pressure gauge on the ground and the flow of the pump, you can Control the torque and speed of the downhole drilling tool.

           DTH Drill Pipe is a positive displacement downhole power drilling tool that uses drilling fluid as power and converts fluid pressure energy into mechanical energy. When the mud pumped by the mud pump flows through the bypass valve into the motor, a certain pressure difference is formed at the inlet and outlet of the motor, which pushes the rotor to rotate around the axis of the stator, and transmits the speed and torque to the motor through the cardan shaft and the drive shaft. Drill bits to achieve drilling operations.