The Composition Of Dth Hammer

  •  DTH Hammer The hydraulic walking pile frame of this machine is mainly composed of top pulley block, column, diagonal strut, chassis, running mechanism, slewing mechanism, hoisting mechanism, control room, hydraulic system and electrical system.


      The column is a folding type, with a box-shaped cross-section structure and flange connection. The two sides of the column are equipped with circular or square slides as a guide for the power head and the drill rod to move up and down and to resist torsion. The box-shaped foldable column equipped with this drilling rig uses hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering, which is convenient and quick, and does not need to be disassembled during transportation. The lower part of the column is hinged with the upper plate, the middle and rear part is hinged with the diagonal struts, and the top of the column is equipped with a pulley block to complete the take-off and landing of the power head, steel cage and grouting duct. The power head can slide up and down along the slide, and it can be disassembled when consigned.




       1. Develop a maintenance cycle table, determine the content of maintenance and implementation standards.


      2. Arrange construction personnel reasonably and estimate the maintenance workload.


       3. Develop a standardized guide book for equipment maintenance.


      4. Improve equipment maintenance records.


      1. Clean the equipment regularly, the good operating environment of the chartered equipment, and deal with all kinds of hidden dangers in time.


       2. Regularly check the fastening bolts to prevent loosening and fasten them in time.


      3. Reasonably allocate construction personnel, perform their duties and cooperate closely.


      4. Ensure that the construction personnel are certified to work, operate correctly, and inspect regularly.


      malfunction repair:


       1. Overhaul by professional and technical personnel.


      2. Construct professional maintenance tools and discuss reasonable maintenance methods.


      3. Improve work efficiency while ensuring the quality of maintenance.


      DTH Bit may encounter various problems during the construction. If you are confident enough to repair it, you can repair it by technicians for work efficiency. The company recommends timely feedback to the manufacturer when there is a problem, and the manufacturer will guide or go to the site for maintenance.