Skills Of Reaming Bit Operation

  • Before using the Reaming Bit, check the flexibility of the rotation of the air motor, remove obstacles in the working range of the drilling rig and on the road, and check the passing capacity of the road.
    Pay attention to the following safety operation items when drilling:
       When opening the drill, start the vacuum cleaner first to reduce the dust flying. The powder discharge situation should be observed at any time, especially when drilling down, the blowing should be strengthened, and the drill should be strengthened if necessary.
       Observe the sound of the impactor of the water well drilling rig and the mechanical operation at any time. If any abnormality is found, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and troubleshooting. During drilling, do not reverse the motor or rotary reducer, and avoid tripping of the drilling rig.
      Before attaching the drill pipe, the middle of the drill pipe should be blown clean to prevent dirt from entering the impactor. Do not use drill pipes that do not meet specifications or are severely worn
      Use, the drill pipe that has been broken in the borehole should be taken out with a special tool.
       When the drilling rig is shut down for a short time, a small amount of compressed air should be supplied to prevent rock dust from invading the impactor; if the drilling is stopped for a long time, the impactor should be lifted 1-2m from the bottom of the hole and fixed.
       The blunt drill bit should be replaced immediately, and the diameter of the replaced drill bit shall not be larger than the diameter of the original drill bit. When drilling, if the drill rod is not advancing and bouncing, the impactor should be pulled out of the hole for inspection; when the drill bit is found to fall off the cemented carbide sheet, compressed air should be used to force the small pieces to blow out. Fragments can be made of rods smaller than the hole diameter, and yellow mud or asphalt can be used to stick the alloy pieces out of the holes.
       When the sticking occurs, the thrust should be reduced immediately, and the rotation and flushing should be strengthened to make it gradually normal. If the drill is severely stuck, stop the machine immediately, apply torque and tension to the tool to loosen the rotation of the drill, and then lift the drill while blowing the air until it returns to normal.
       In the normal operation of Extension Drilling Tools, when the air pressure is too low, the machine should be shut down for inspection. The tightness of the wire rope of the propulsion mechanism should be adjusted frequently, and the reliability of the upper and lower travel switches of the pulley block should be improved; if it can not act correctly, it should be repaired in time.