Introduction Of Dth Hammer Grade

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    The drill pipe is inspected using an instrument called a spherometer. Spherometer can check the radius of the sphere, which will let you know the degree of damage to the drill pipe. Once evaluated by the spherometer, the drill pipe must be classified into one of the three labels.

    N-level pipe: When a drill pipe is classified as n-level, it means that it is a new pipe. They are usually the strongest and most durable of the three, and can be close to the original state.
    P grade pipe: When a drill pipe is classified as P grade, it means that it is a high-quality pipe. Generally considered to be one step lower than the n-stage tube, it has good functional capabilities, but has experienced some wear and tear.
    C-level pipeline: Now, in the C-level pipeline, there are three sub-categories. You have C-1, C-2, and C-3 pipelines. Depending on how they are rated, c-tubes may vary, from some available to full use at the end of their useful life.
    Because drill rods are very expensive, many companies will use and reuse drill rods until the absolute end. This is why the P- and C-level DTH Hammer are still in high demand despite not being in perfect condition.