Dth Hammer Features Introduction

  • What are the characteristics of triangular drill pipe products

    DTH Hammer adopts international advanced interference welding assembly technology to prevent quality risks caused by unavailability of friction welding technology. Compared with similar products, it greatly improves the mechanical properties of the product and the ability to adapt to deep hole drilling in complex geological conditions. Next, the editor will introduce to you what are the characteristics of the triangular drill pipe products?

    Taper thread connection type

    In the structural design, the rod body adopts a triangular pyramid structure, which has high energy efficiency in production and use, so it is called a triangular pyramid high-efficiency friction welding drill pipe, or a tri-pyramid high-efficiency drill pipe for short. The design uses the three-sided difference path to prevent the effective discharge of coal materials during movement, and at the same time, to greatly increase the thread specifications of the same type of drill rod.

    Hexagonal plug connection type

    The DTH Bit connector adopts a hexagonal connection method, and optimizes the configuration of drill pipe torque and comprehensive mechanical performance under the same diameter condition, so as to achieve the design goal of increasing the drill pipe torque to a greater extent. The use of special cross drill spring positioning pin connection can effectively prevent the death of the threaded drill pipe screw and the twisting of the screw head. At the same time, the cross drill spring positioning pin can be removed quickly and easily, saving time and energy. Compared with threaded or bolted pins, productivity has been greatly improved.