Application Range Of Button Bits Manufacturers

  •    Button Bits manufacturers’ hydraulic drilling rigs are mainly used for underground coal mine drilling for gas extraction, drainage holes, grouting fire extinguishing holes, coal seam water injection holes, outburst pressure relief holes, geological exploration holes and other engineering holes. Its main application scope is as follows:
      1. In the general survey and exploration of mineral deposits, especially in general survey and exploration of non-ferrous metals and rare metals and other deposits, tunnel drilling is used to trace the ore deposit, intensified exploration and survey of geological structures to delineate the ore body, sampling and verification, etc.
      2. In mine excavation, tunnel drilling techniques are commonly used to drill underground observation holes, ventilation holes, drainage holes, gas discharge holes, grouting holes, blast holes, anchor holes and pilot holes for excavating tunnels, etc.
      3. In other fields of geotechnical engineering construction, tunnel drilling equipment and technology can be used for dam foundation slope reinforcement, geological disaster treatment, deep foundation pit support, and underground engineering construction in industrial, commercial, transportation and military aspects.
      4. Reaming Bit Manufacturer is used for the construction of rock and soil foundations such as building foundations, plant foundations, high-speed rail foundations, and highway foundations.