Failure Of Performance Built Log Splitter Operation

  •         Log Splitter is mainly used for wood cutting, but due to its own flexibility, it has been widely used in all walks of life. Sometimes overload occurs when used for a long time, causing machine failure and machine damage. Therefore, we should pay more attention to this phenomenon. Here is a detailed introduction to the reasons for overloading.
            1. The power supply voltage is too low: the wood chip machine runs at a lower voltage than the rated voltage, and the stator winding current increases more, resulting in more temperature rise of the stator winding and overheating burnout;
            2. Improper selection: the actual load condition does not match the selected model;
            3. Performance Built Log Splitter failure: The bearing of the machine is seriously damaged, the stator and rotor friction "sweep hole" or the impeller of the water pump is stuck by other sundries such as water weeds, which will cause the stator winding to burn out.