Round Enameled Copper Wire Has Many Good Properties

  • The Round Enameled Copper Wire of a motor has four main characteristics: mechanical characteristics, chemical characteristics, electrical characteristics and thermal characteristics.

    Generally, enameled copper wires for motors have excellent high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical and chemical properties, and excellent frost resistance. It is suitable for refrigeration equipment, dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, iron separators, and electromagnetic equipment that can work for a long time in iron and other electromechanical equipment at 200°C.

    Enameled wires and magnet wires mainly use insulating electrostatic powder coatings. At present, they are mainly used in insulated oxide film magnet wires that are treated with concentrated sulfuric acid instead of metal aluminum wires, and can also be applied to enameled wires coated with insulating paint.

    Since the thickness of general powder coatings is suitable for round wires with a diameter of 1.6mm or more or a rectangular wire with a width of 1.6mm×1.6mm or more and an insulating coating with a thickness of 40μm or more, it is not suitable for thin coatings. If ultra-thin powder coatings can be used, they can reach a thickness of 20-40 μm, but they have not been widely used due to high processing costs and difficulty in coating. When the thickness of the coating film is too thick, the flexibility and other functions of the coating film are reduced, and it is not suitable for products where the bending angle of the metal wire is too large. Due to the limitation of coating film thickness, metal wires that are too thin are not suitable for the application of powder coating technology.

    Motor enameled copper wire is not only used in equipment, but also the main raw material commonly used by craftsmen. Motor Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire was originally used in crafts. Its special color and natural attributes determine the noble and elegant craftsmanship.