Regarding NBA 2K21 players need to know what special features e

  • After half a month, 2K players can experience the brand new 2K21. They say this version of 2K to have taken more effort and time from developers than before. Players on multiple platforms will play by purchasing NBA 2K21 in its app store. These versions will release later, but before the release of NBA 2K21, players need to understand what additional features will appear in NBA 2K21 and how many NBA 2K21 MT will cost them to get some particularly attractive player cards.

    Players with PS5 and Xbox Series X need to spend $70 to play NBA 2K21. NBA 2K21 has historical significance, because the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions cost $70, which makes them the first mainstream video game to be expensive in years. Such shock makes many people question the legitimacy of news. Not only did 2K Games confirm the same claim, claiming that the price was reasonable, but Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two Interactive, also responded to this view. In a speech to Games, Zelnick pointed out that despite the cost of making the game, the price of the game has not risen.

    For NBA 2K21, there is a standard version for the current and next generations, and the Mamba Forever version for the current and next generations. The major difference between the current version and the next-generation standard version is the difference in cover stars. The former is Damian Lillard playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, and the latter is Zion Williamson playing for the New Orleans Pelicans.

    Players who have pre-ordered the NBA 2K21 Standard Edition will receive 5000 2K21 MT and five pairs of handsome sneakers after entering the game. In addition, the system will send a MyTeam promotional package to these players every week for ten weeks. Those players who have no pre-ordered NBA 2K21 need to buy the game and Buy NBA 2K21 MT a lot. The fierce basketball game is waiting for them to join.