The Influence Of Built-Up Edge Phenomenon Of Cutting Tools Whol

  • In the metal cutting process, the cutting part of the tool is carried out under the conditions of greater cutting force, higher cutting temperature, and severe friction. Cutting tools are tools used for cutting in machine manufacturing. Most of the props are for machine use, but some are for hand use. Since the props used in mechanical manufacturing are used for cutting metal materials, the term "tool" is generally understood as metal cutting tools. Knives for cutting wood are called woodworking knives. Now there are more and more places for cutting tools wholesale .

    Built-up edge phenomenon The hardness of the built-up edge is higher than that of the workpiece material and the chips, and once formed, it has considerable stability. It can replace the tool for cutting and will affect the entire processing process. The built-up edge can increase the actual rake angle during machining to reduce the cutting force and improve the chip removal effect. In rough machining, the built-up edge can play a role in protecting the tool, which can increase the life of the tool. However, the existence of a built-up edge has disadvantages, which will make it difficult to guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the parts. Unstable built-up edge fragments will also scratch the processed surface of the workpiece, increase the surface roughness, and are not conducive to finishing.

    And processing cutting tools and threading tools need to pay attention to their safety.