TCT Circular Saw Blades Diameter Size

  • We don't know much about TCT circular saw blades , no matter the size, type, etc., we know very little. Today we will learn about the choice of diameter of TCT circular saw blades.

    The diameter of the saw blade is related to the sawing equipment used and the thickness of the sawing workpiece. The diameter of the saw blade is small, and the cutting speed is relatively low; the large diameter of the saw blade has higher requirements on the saw blade and sawing equipment, and the sawing efficiency is also high. The outer diameter of the saw blade is selected according to the different circular saw machine models to use the saw blade with the same diameter.

    The diameters of standard parts are: 110MM (4 inches), 150MM (6 inches), 180MM (7 inches), 200MM (8 inches), 230MM (9 inches), 250MM (10 inches), 300MM (12 inches), 350MM ( 14-inch), 400MM (16-inch), 450MM (18-inch), 500MM (20-inch), etc., the bottom groove saw blades of precision panel saws are mostly designed to be 120MM.

    Like TCT circular saw blades, extra long wood drill bit also have many length options, so choose the one that suits you.