Understand The Precautions Of The HSS Cobalt Drill Bit

  • In many cases, we need to use the HSS cobalt drill bit, so what should we pay attention to when using the HSS cobalt drill bit ?

    The drill bits should be packed in a special packaging box to avoid vibration and collision.

    When using, take out the drill bit from the packing box and install it into the spring chuck of the spindle or the tool magazine of the automatic drill bit, and put it back into the packing box when it is used up.

    Some CNC drilling machines use positioning rings. Some CNC drilling machines do not use positioning rings. If positioning rings are used, the depth positioning during installation must be accurate. If positioning rings are not used, the elongation of the drill bit on the spindle must be adjusted to be consistent. Multi-spindle drilling machines should pay more attention to this point. The drilling depth of each spindle should be consistent. If it is inconsistent, it may cause the drill to drill to the table or fail to drill through the circuit board, resulting in scrap.

    Of course, many other things need to be paid attention to, and the above problems should also be paid attention to when using a wood auger drill bit .